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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh and...

Electrical tape + 3 Harbor Freight tire irons
Dry tire battle
Shiny Chrome Stuff

Honda Honda Honda...

The computer decided to take a break for 5 or 6 days but we got her running like a top now. The Honda is now top motorbike priority and I have been making some progress. It initially looked like only one side of the front forks was springing back as it should, but it has since had a change of heart and put the bounce back in it's step. Also, the engine had been seized despite my best efforts with the Marvel oil and kicker pedal had been a hurdle. Today with the help of my friends breaker bar and 1/2 impact we gingerly set free the locked up piston, and it is kicking through nicely now(no plugs in) and the motion sounds good. Chris suggested building a stand for the engine and an oil bag and running it on there before re-installing it. That way if it's a smoker I won't have to pull it back out of the frame. I was systematically pulling components until I found stripped down frame sitting next to the engine, and in front of the girder. The frame is now at Kelly's so he can put it on his jig and check it out, then he will get it sand blasted and fix any cracks or broken welds. I have been doing a load of polishing and cleaning of various parts so they will be ready for when it is time to put everything back together.

The photos go like this:

This is what Rosie thinks choppers under 8ft long


Well lookey there, a 9ft chopper, with a foot to spare


Even the frame is long, still investigating the make


Dixie lights I got from Stickrod in a headlight trade, bad-ass

Thursday, February 11, 2010


So, my Canon quit on me on new years day and I haven't sent it to them yet to get er fixed up. The old kodak point and shoot has been taking up the slack but with less than crisp results. Oh well. On the bright side my rigid xs650 frame is coming along nicely(pictures to come) and Just acquired this amazingly badass cb750 chopper project! 4ft long Harman girder, 21" with a minidrum, Santee frame and a drag specialties king & queen! It puts me in my happy place...