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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 unrelated pieces of genious

Yes, and Yes. The only word missing is Free. Well, almost the only word

Stars and stripes headband-check. Fur tube top-check. The checklist could go on and on, but it all equals one thing...
Another Mad Max sequel. Come on, Mel is a hit machine.


Las Begas

I forget what I like about Las Vegas after I haven't been there for a while. A couple of beverages in, it all comes back.
One night is plenty. I know, my liver confirms.
Besides, these things are filling.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cowtown Jump Ramp Jammin!

Cowtown skateshop has always been the go-to shop for anything skate related since before I moved to Phoenix almost seven years ago. Started by a couple of local guys, Trent and Ed, this place is how it should be, skater owned and operated. My buddy Jimmy and I cruised down there last night for the new Transworld video premier, high ollie contest, and the highlight of the evening the 80's jump ramp jam. I don't shoot action that often so it is always a learning experience, but some of the shots came out pretty decent. There were a handful of guys just ruling the ramp and I was so busy grabbing shots that I didn't catch many names but I will include them when I can get em. All in all it was a blast, I ran into friends I haven't seen for a while and watched some talent I quit striving for a decade ago. Oh and the product toss at the end of the night was nuts, those kids are like jackyls.

This photo doesn't do justice. 41" ollie!

What year is it? This guy was killin it while rockin those sweet red short shorts. Stay gold? this dudes gone platinum.

Danny G throwin it down during a break from DJing! Rico Suave

Friday, June 19, 2009


Fallbrook, CA Nov. 08- Rich's Dragmaster inspired Trumpet alongside Dode Martins Dragmaster repro. A big thanks to Dode, Rich and the boys for such hospitality.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dice in the Desert

I Love these guys. They don't need my endorsment but here it is anyway. Great people, great magazine.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Numero uno

The Coalition Imagery Blog has no mission statement, it is what it is. I'm sure it will refine over time. In the meanwhile enjoy some photos and vintage ads as well as, well I'm not sure what else. What is a blog anyway?

Robert and the Pinner. One of my favorites

24x36 giclee on canvas For Sale...

Hot rods and motorbikes. Hand drawn, hand screened shirts and art pieces.

Well, that's reassuring.

Ron's 227 Bullet Coupe, Downtown PHX

Nick warp speed on the Mothership

Joel's hand crafted Triumph

Tommy Ivo's Showboat, devistatingly handsome.